Impact Dashboard

The Impact Dashboard shows which resources in your network are affected most by current incidents. Click any object in any view to see the corresponding incident's details on the Incidents page.

The Impact Dashboard appears by default when you launch Alluvio IQ, and can be displayed at any time by clicking Impact Dashboard in the Navigation menu at the left side of the Alluvio IQ window.

The Impact Dashboard provides these views of your network resources:

  • Incidents By User Impact — The current incidents affecting the largest numbers of individual users.

  • Most Impacted Locations – The recognized locations affected by the largest number of current incidents.

  • Most Impacted Applications – The specific applications affected by the largest number of current incidents.

  • Active Incident Distribution – Current incidents summarized by priority and status.

  • Incident Priority Over Time – Current incidents shown over a recent time interval, indicating when incidents have occurred, according to the priorities displayed.

The data displayed in the views can be filtered by Priority, using the selectable options at the top of the page. The data is updated frequently (every minute, by default), but you can pause the updates if you want to, using the Pause/Start control at the top of the page.