Alluvio Edge Configuration Page

This page enables you to manage Alluvio IQ's connections to the systems that forward it network data and incidents. The page lists existing Alluvio Edge instances and provides the means for adding others, as well as the means to manage individual data sources associated with each Edge.

The Alluvio Edge Configuration page provides these controls:

  • Add an Alluvio Edge — Click this to display the Add an Alluvio Edge wizard.

  • Alluvio Edge

  • Type — AWS, Azure, or ESXi, as specified at the Edge's creation.

  • Status

  • Data Sources — The data sources associated with the Edge.

  • ... menu — Additional commands for administering each Edge.

    • Edit — Open the Edit the Alluvio Edge wizard to change the definition.

    • Connect a Data Source — Open the Connect a Data Source dialog to specify a data source to use with the Edge.

    • Download VM Image — Obtain the Edge's VM image file.

    • Download Cloud Init Script — Obtain the cloud init script that configures the Edge.

    • Delete — Remove this Edge from Alluvio IQ.