Incidents page

The Incidents page lists occurrences in your network that have met criteria justifying further investigation ("incidents"). Click on an incident to view it in detail on its own page. This includes data resulting from a runbook associated with the incident type. Display the Incidents page by clicking an element in the Impact Dashboard or by clicking Incidents in the Navigation menu at the left side of the Alluvio IQ window.

Several controls are provided above the incident list to enable you to filter the list; you can filter by Ongoing incidents only (this is the default behavior), by Status, by Priority, and by name (partial or full).

This information is shown for each incident:

  • Priority

  • Status

  • Description

  • Detected On

  • Started

  • Duration

  • Impacted Users

  • Impacted Locations

  • Impacted Applications

  • Runbook Status indicator

  • ... menu: Open Incident, Open Incident In New Tab, Change State